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Photo by: Kyle McCarty
Photo by: Kyle McCarty
For the last decade Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobson has been a prominent force the urban contemporary scene in Seattle. From his vividly inspiring city block mural on 2nd Ave in downtown Seattle, to his inclusion in Chase Jarvis’ “Seattle 100” book of the most influential people in Seattle, Jacobson has been a making major strides and his career as an in demand emerging artist has been blooming. He recently received the prestigious 4Culture/Artist Trust “Conductive Garboil Grant” in 2011 for his murals in the Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square area. In addition to his larger than life spray-painted walls, Jeff is also known for his hyperrealistic yet surrealistically dreamlike gallery work. His canvases reflect his vision of a changing world underscored by darkness, yet balanced by a creative benevolent force. His work often features grotesquely surrealistic organic forms, inspired by plants, funguses, and corals, which sprout from hyper-realistic portraits. These figures and portraits display and astonishing level of finish and detail.