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Photo by: Kyle McCarty
Photo by: Kyle McCarty
For the last decade Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobson has been leading the urban contemporary scene in Seattle. From his awe inspiring city block mural on 2nd Ave in downtown Seattle, to his inclusion in Chase Jarvis’, Seattle 100, book of the most influential people in Seattle, Jacobson has been a making major wakes. He recently received the prestigious 4Culture/Artist Trust “Conductive Garboil Grant” in 2011 for his murals in the Pioneer Square area. In addition to his larger than life spray-painted walls, Jeff is also known for his imaginative gallery work. His solo exhibition, “Ambiguous,” at the Vermillion Gallery in June 2012, was a huge success. There is always a high level of detail and finish in his work regardless of the scale. Jacobson’s work often reflects his vision of a changing world where there is an undertone of darkness. Yet this darkness is balanced by a creative benevolent force that sprouts from his surrealist coral and fungal additions. His work skillfully juxtaposes hyper-realistic images with otherworldly creations that inspire you to question your own reality.